Tuesday, 16 January 2018

What to do if you cannot see the video from your Roku player on your TV?

Roku Streaming Player is the most powerful streaming device. The Roku users are experiencing their best at watching movies or videos. But there are some situations when you cannot see the video on your TV after power on the Roku player. You can simply avail the direct assistance from our Roku Tech Support team which is highly skilled in resolving your all glitches related to Roku Streaming player.

Roku Technical Support

What can you do on your end?

The very first thing you need to make yourself sure about is to connect the Roku player directly to your TV. If you have connected your Roku player with any audio or video device, then first of all disconnect it and connect your Roku player directly to your TV. Maybe this too will troubleshoot the issue. For more information or help, you can take help from Roku Customer Support which will provide you the best resolutions.

First of all, turn on your TV and press the button on your Roku remote control to make sure that the Roku device is not in standby or screensaver mode. There are various reasons for where you may not be able to see videos on your TV screen:-
  • The video cable is not connected properly or the cable is faulty.
  • You have selected the wrong input on your TV.
  • There may be a problem with the TV.

If you get issue except above all then just reboot the Roku Player and TV by just disconnecting all the cables and reconnect them all including the power cable. After that, if you still get any issue which you can’t rectify then contact our professional trained Roku Technical Support team which is highly dedicated to serving you the best. The team is available 24*7 with your assistance. Just dial our Roku link code activation Number which is toll-free @ 1877-818-8843.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Here is the best Christmas Music Channels offer by Roku

If you are in the search of Christmas music, then please calm, Roku offers the best Christmas music channels which you want. Here are our popular channels for holiday music and Christmas music with videos for 2017 as mentioned below: -

Christmas Music Channels By Roku
iHeartRadio:- iHeartRadio has unlimited music and thousands of radio stations all in one channel. iHeartRadio operates as a music recommender system and is one of the national umbrella brands in iHeartMedia's radio network. Most of them are live local stations, but you will also find various iHeart-created stations such as iHeartChristmas, iHeartChristmas Classics, North Pole Radio, iHeartChristmas Country, iHeartChristmas R&B, and iHeartChristmas Rock. If you want to search these stations, just go to Menu Bar given at the top of the screen, then scroll down to find Music & Entertainment and scroll right for Holiday then select Live Radio. If you face any issue or want to know more about the Music Channels available at Roku then you can visit our website Roku.Com/Link or directly call Roku Link Activation Tech Support team.

Pandora: - Pandora is a music streaming from which you will find a lot of musical variety, with holiday music. If you find the holiday stations, go to Pandora and browse for selecting home screen to select the Moods and Activities section. There you will get a number of holiday stations. Choose the station, which is titled as “Christmas”. There may be more Christmas Channels i.e. Christmas Traditional, Today's Christmas, and Country Christmas which you can play also. 

Tuneln Radio: - There are dozens of Christmas radio stations from all around the world. Both Internet and local live stations are available with different genres. Listen to Christmas FM from Cork, Ireland, Radio Christmas from the UK, or Radio Noel from France and you will experience the best music on the occasion of Christmas.

Soma FM: - It is persistent in demand for Christmas music lovers; Soma FM has four live-stream holiday music stations. Christmas Lounge, a popular listening music station in a huge number of masses. It streams usually according to holiday vibes such as chilled holiday grooves and classic winter lounge tracks which are also safe for a family too. DJ Rusty Hodge is playing an eclectic seasonal playlist that comprised of Jackie Gleason ("It's Christmas Time All over the World"), John Zorn ("Christmas Time is Here"), J-Boogie ("Under the Christmas Tree"), and Dean Martin ("White Christmas").

If you want to know more about Roku Christmas Channels or how to access the channels from Roku, then you can directly contact our professionally trained Roku Tech Support team by just dialing our toll-free Roku Technical Support Number @ 1877-818-8843

Thursday, 30 November 2017

How can I Disable the voice on My Roku?

 The voice is a characteristic established on the latest Roku devices. Some of us may turn it on anonymously even we don’t need it. In order to disable the feature from your Roku device here is a quick guide to turning off the audio menus. You can directly seek the free assistance from Roku Setup Support.
Go to Settings, then Accessibility, and then Audio Guide. The various configurations available to you are as follows:
  •      Audio Guide On/Off
 Select to turn Audio Guide on or off, or on any screen you can by pressing four times.     The voice feature got disabled.
  • Speech Rate
Speech rate permits you to customize the speed at which Audio Guide reads text. There are four speech rate settings: Slow, Normal, Fast,and Very Fast. When you navigate to a specific setting, Audio Guide will give you a sample of how it will sound at that speed. To select a specific speech rate, click from your remote.
  • Volume
This function allows you to change the volume of Audio Guide with reference to the TV volume.
  • Shortcut
When the Audio Guide shortcut is enabled, you can abruptly press Audio Guide turn on or off from any screen. When the shortcut is disabled, pressing the button on your remote four times will not turn on Audio Guide.

Models of the Roku with Speech-text options are Roku Express, Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere Plus and many more. To know more about the How to turn Off the Voice on my Roku you can visit our website Roku.com/link or you can directly contact our experts Roku Customer Support toll –free number 1- 877-818-8843..

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Easy Solution to Issues with Roku Remote

Whether it’s Roku streaming device or Roku TV, its functions are operated by a user-friendly remote. As remote is a gadget, uncertain errors do occur landing you in troublesome situations. Remote issues vary with the type of remote you own. Depending on your Roku streaming device or Roku TV, you can have any of the following remotes:

1.    Standard IR remote

2.    Enhanced ‘point-anywhere’ remote

Let’s discuss some troubleshooting solutions that help resolve your remote related issues.

Roku Setup Support

Standard IR Remote

1.    Just like your standard TV remote, the Roku remote should be pointed directly towards your Roku device. Mostly, the problem arises when a visible obstacle appears blocking the remote signal to be sent to your Roku device. It can be corrected either by positioning your device correctly or holding your remote in a way that no obstacle comes in between them.

2.    If the remote still doesn’t respond, try removing your remote’s batteries and re-inserting them. If removing batteries don’t work, replace the batteries.

3.    If none of the above works, the last option left is to buy a new remote. Make sure that you buy it from Roku accessories store.

Enhanced ‘point-anywhere’ remote

These remotes don’t need to be pointed directly towards your Roku device and operate wireless networks. Irrespective of anything, issues occur and to resolve such issues, try the following:

1.    If your remote isn’t working, restart your Roku remote and device. It is done as follows:
-       Remove the batteries from the remote.
-       Remove the power cable from your Roku device, reconnect it after 5 seconds.
-       After Roku device restarts and displays home screen, re-insert the batteries.
-       Now, wait for 30 seconds to establish a connection between your device and remote.

2. Next, try re-pairing your remote if it doesn’t work. Perform the first three steps as explained above. After that, do as instructed below:
-       Press the pairing button on the remote until the light in the remote start to flash. In case the light does not flash, you need to replace your batteries.
-       Now, wait for a few seconds before a connection between the device and remote establishes.
-       The remote pairing dialog prompts on your screen indicating that your remote is working properly.

3. You can replace your batteries by performing the first three steps as instructed in #1. After that, try as follows:
-       Wait for 30 seconds so that a connection between the device and remote establishes.
-       The remote pairing dialog appears on your screen giving a green signal.

4. If none of the above-explained steps works out, then there is a need to replace your remote.

These were some of the suggested problems along with their respective solutions as the problems are uninvited, but you need to be prepared with your solutions.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Solving the issue of Non-Working Roku Channels

Roku is the astonishing streaming media player device which is topping the charts as the best streaming player in terms of features & content. But this is just the one side. The other side of Roku is that Roku users face many issues which include both technical & non-technical. An interesting sack of entertainment is offered by Roku which provides Roku users the content of their choice.

Roku link activation code

If you are new to Roku, then you will have to perform Roku link code activation and you must not be familiar with Roku issues. But don’t think that Roku is not good if it is facing issues and where you will get support is you will face any issue such as connectivity, linking or streaming. Have no worries, you can contact us and get all your Roku issues sorted out. Just like today, we have come up with an issue that Roku users are facing which is that their all channels are working except one. If you are one of those users who is facing this issue, then don’t worry we have come up with some of the fixes for you by which you can solve this channel issue:

•If your all channels are working except one, then you will have to remove that channel from your Roku device and along with that remove the power cord of your device from the wall outlet for almost 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, plug it back.

•After this, add that channel that you have removed from your Roku device and now try to watch that channel again. If you still face that issue, then you can contact Roku setup support.

You can easily solve many Roku issues just by rebooting or restarting your Roku device and if the issue is related to connectivity, then along with your Roku device you will have to restart your router or modem. If you are a new Roku user and you face any issue with your Roku device or have any query, then you can navigate to our website for watching the tutorials and reading the blogs in which we have tried to cover almost all Roku issue and much other useful information related to Roku device. Our Roku customer support services all always available for you so that you can never be away from your entertainment and your Roku device should be free from any trouble. 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Fixing video not Showing Issue of Roku Streaming Stick

Roku has positioned itself as one of the top players in the lineup of the best streaming players and smart TVs in the market. Even the devices of the company have also become the top entertaining sources or the users all across the world. If you are one of the new uses then you can head towards Roku Activation Code for getting your device activated and linked it with your Roku account.
There is no doubt Roku users are enjoying their streaming experiences more than any other streaming players. But there have been instances when these stunning devices have faced some issues that have also troubled the entertainment of the users. One of these issues is video not showing the issue of the Roku Streaming Stick. Before heading towards the solution of this issue, you have to sure that the power light on the front of the Roku player is on. If it is off, then you can get in touch with the Roku activation support so that you can get the solution for powering on your light before you move towards other solutions.

Steps Needed

Firstly, make sure that you have linked your Roku device directly to your TV. In case your Roku is linked to the AVR, then you have to delink it and link it again directly to the TV. After doing this the possibility of having an issue with AVR will be reduced and also it will make the fixing of the issue easier. The next step is to be sure that you have switched on your TV. After this press any button on Roku remote to ensure that Roku device is not in screen saver or standby mode.

Reasons behind the Bug

Wrong Input selection

This is the most common mistake that users make. There are many video inputs on the side or at the back of the TV that you are using for linking with your Roku device. You have to make sure that you should choose the right input which should be same to which you have linked your Roku player.
Now check to which input you have linked your device. The name of the video connector will also get the name with the input name such as HDMI 1, HDMI 2, VIDEO IN !, and AUX etc.

Fault with the linked cable

Another thing that you have to be sure about that you should link video cable properly at the backside of the Roku device along with the composite connector or HDMI to the TV. So, if you get this issue with the Roku Streaming Stick, then make sure that connect it strongly with the HDMI connector of the TV. Also, check that cable is not faulty.

Issue with TV

If the issue is with your TV, then try to link your Roku device with an unlike input on the TV to check whether there is any issue with the connector of TV or not. If it is not possible for you to do, then link your Roku device to another TV to be sure about the issue with your TV.

If the issue still persists, then head on to delink and after that relink your Roku device including all the cables, and connectors. In case of any help, you can take Roku setup support.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

How to use the feature of creating your favorite list?

Roku TVs comes loaded with a wide range of features and due to which you can manage your channels and content as per your choice.  You just have to go on Roku com link enter code and the channel will be added to your device. You can mark your frequently watched channel s as your favorites and access them easily when required.
When you are watching any channel on the Antenna input, then you can mark any channel as your favorite. You can also switch from one favorite channel to another. Even switching to the other channels from the favorite channel is also very straightforward. If there is any channel in your channel list that you don’t want to see then you can hide that channel very easily by going to Settings > Tv input > Antenna Tv > Edit channels. But don’t forget to Activate Roku before taking the benefits of Roku features.

Adding channel to the favorite list

  • When you are watching Antenna TV input, then you can mark any channel as your favorite. For this:
  • On the Roku remote press, the left navigation button on the directional pad for displaying the channel list. The direction pad is in the center of the remote in plus shape. You will see the word All channels at the top of the channel list.
  • Now scroll up and down for highlighting a channel that you want to make your favorite.
  • After this press the star button on the remote of your device. You will see two options at this point which are Add to favorites and back.
  • With the option of add to favorites press ok on remote of your device. A heart symbol will appear adjacent to
  • You can repeat all the above-mentioned steps for adding more channels.

Removing the channel from Favorite list

While watching antenna Tv input on your Roku setup, you can remove any channel from the list of your favorite channels. For this follow these steps:
  • On your Roku Tv remote press the left button on the directional pad for displaying either all channels or favorites option.
  • Now scroll up and down for highlighting the channel that you want to remove from the list of favorite channels.
  • After this press the star button on the remote of your device. At this stage, you will see two options of remove from favorites and back.
  • While choosing remove from favorites option, press ok on the remote of your device. The heart symbol adjacent to the channel will disappear.
  • You can repeat all these steps for removing more channels from the favorite list.

What to do if you cannot see the video from your Roku player on your TV?

Roku Streaming Player is the most powerful streaming device. The Roku users are experiencing their best at watching movies or videos. But ...