Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Fixing video not Showing Issue of Roku Streaming Stick

Roku has positioned itself as one of the top players in the lineup of the best streaming players and smart TVs in the market. Even the devices of the company have also become the top entertaining sources or the users all across the world. If you are one of the new uses then you can head towards Roku Activation Code for getting your device activated and linked it with your Roku account.
There is no doubt Roku users are enjoying their streaming experiences more than any other streaming players. But there have been instances when these stunning devices have faced some issues that have also troubled the entertainment of the users. One of these issues is video not showing the issue of the Roku Streaming Stick. Before heading towards the solution of this issue, you have to sure that the power light on the front of the Roku player is on. If it is off, then you can get in touch with the Roku activation support so that you can get the solution for powering on your light before you move towards other solutions.

Steps Needed

Firstly, make sure that you have linked your Roku device directly to your TV. In case your Roku is linked to the AVR, then you have to delink it and link it again directly to the TV. After doing this the possibility of having an issue with AVR will be reduced and also it will make the fixing of the issue easier. The next step is to be sure that you have switched on your TV. After this press any button on Roku remote to ensure that Roku device is not in screen saver or standby mode.

Reasons behind the Bug

Wrong Input selection

This is the most common mistake that users make. There are many video inputs on the side or at the back of the TV that you are using for linking with your Roku device. You have to make sure that you should choose the right input which should be same to which you have linked your Roku player.
Now check to which input you have linked your device. The name of the video connector will also get the name with the input name such as HDMI 1, HDMI 2, VIDEO IN !, and AUX etc.

Fault with the linked cable

Another thing that you have to be sure about that you should link video cable properly at the backside of the Roku device along with the composite connector or HDMI to the TV. So, if you get this issue with the Roku Streaming Stick, then make sure that connect it strongly with the HDMI connector of the TV. Also, check that cable is not faulty.

Issue with TV

If the issue is with your TV, then try to link your Roku device with an unlike input on the TV to check whether there is any issue with the connector of TV or not. If it is not possible for you to do, then link your Roku device to another TV to be sure about the issue with your TV.

If the issue still persists, then head on to delink and after that relink your Roku device including all the cables, and connectors. In case of any help, you can take Roku setup support.

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