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Easy Solution to Issues with Roku Remote

Whether it’s Roku streaming device or Roku TV, its functions are operated by a user-friendly remote. As remote is a gadget, uncertain errors do occur landing you in troublesome situations. Remote issues vary with the type of remote you own. Depending on your Roku streaming device or Roku TV, you can have any of the following remotes:

1.    Standard IR remote

2.    Enhanced ‘point-anywhere’ remote

Let’s discuss some troubleshooting solutions that help resolve your remote related issues.

Roku Setup Support

Standard IR Remote

1.    Just like your standard TV remote, the Roku remote should be pointed directly towards your Roku device. Mostly, the problem arises when a visible obstacle appears blocking the remote signal to be sent to your Roku device. It can be corrected either by positioning your device correctly or holding your remote in a way that no obstacle comes in between them.

2.    If the remote still doesn’t respond, try removing your remote’s batteries and re-inserting them. If removing batteries don’t work, replace the batteries.

3.    If none of the above works, the last option left is to buy a new remote. Make sure that you buy it from Roku accessories store.

Enhanced ‘point-anywhere’ remote

These remotes don’t need to be pointed directly towards your Roku device and operate wireless networks. Irrespective of anything, issues occur and to resolve such issues, try the following:

1.    If your remote isn’t working, restart your Roku remote and device. It is done as follows:
-       Remove the batteries from the remote.
-       Remove the power cable from your Roku device, reconnect it after 5 seconds.
-       After Roku device restarts and displays home screen, re-insert the batteries.
-       Now, wait for 30 seconds to establish a connection between your device and remote.

2. Next, try re-pairing your remote if it doesn’t work. Perform the first three steps as explained above. After that, do as instructed below:
-       Press the pairing button on the remote until the light in the remote start to flash. In case the light does not flash, you need to replace your batteries.
-       Now, wait for a few seconds before a connection between the device and remote establishes.
-       The remote pairing dialog prompts on your screen indicating that your remote is working properly.

3. You can replace your batteries by performing the first three steps as instructed in #1. After that, try as follows:
-       Wait for 30 seconds so that a connection between the device and remote establishes.
-       The remote pairing dialog appears on your screen giving a green signal.

4. If none of the above-explained steps works out, then there is a need to replace your remote.

These were some of the suggested problems along with their respective solutions as the problems are uninvited, but you need to be prepared with your solutions.

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