Friday, 4 August 2017

Take Roku Tech Support for finding your lost Roku remote

Roku is the device that gives you a massive range of content to watch. You use your remote to the Roku device to search the content of your choice. But what happens when you lost the remote of your Roku device. It is annoying and frustrating. But don’t worry now you can find your Roku remote easily without sweeping your whole house.

Finding lost remote

Every model of Roku ships with a remote control which could be a standard IR remote or a point anywhere remote. But some models have a button on the device in the shape of the remote at the top side. This is the button of the remote finder. You can find this button on Roku 4 and Roku Ultra models. You can use this button to find out your lost remote. When you press this remote finder button, the remote emits a sound till the time you locate it and press any button on it. But if your remote has died or in non-working order or is out of range of the wi-fi signal, then you will not be able to find your remote.

Finding lost remote

Roku Customer Support for changing the remote finder sound

The compatible Roku remote can emit various sounds for the remote finder function. For changing the sound go to Settings > Remote > change remote finder sound. For getting the preview of the sound selected by you, choose the option of preview remote finder sound.

Still unable to find remote? Try this alternate

If you are unable to locate your remote, then you are totally out of luck. You try the replacement remotes that are found at the most places where you find Roku streamers from $14.99 to $29.99.
Another alternative is to have a universal remote like Inteset 4-in-1. These remotes are programmed for controlling the most of the TVs, set top boxes, streamers and gaming consoles.

Another option is to use your iOS and Android smart phones or tablets. You can launch Roku mobile app on your device and it will convert your smart phone into a TV remote.  For this, you can also take the assistance of Activation Tech Support .


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